Partners and Supporters

We thank the Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) for working with us on this project. The FWLD is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organisation established in May 1995 to work for the protection, promotion and enjoyment of human rights. FWLD was started with the combined effort of seven founder members for the eradication of the discriminatory laws, and to domestically and effectively implement the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Through public interest litigation, FWLD has been successful in criminalising marital rape, in ensuring confidentiality to victims and witnesses in many cases of gender-based violence, and in approaching equality between sons and daughters on rights to ancestral property, among other law reforms.

Our work in Nepal was kickstarted by a legal design workshop run by Emily and Mara with FWLD and lawyers from Kathmandu. Emily introduced participants to how applying design principles to the law is helping different communities from all over the world gain better understanding of their legal rights and obligations. This workshop was vital; the FWLD lawyers worked hard on developing personas which have informed the rest of our project. You will be able to see these via the Resources tab. Thanks in particular to FWLD project officer Dechen Rai for helping us to organise this.

Kripa Joshi is an illustrator and comic artist from Nepal (read an interview with Kripa on Girls Club Asia). She is known widely in Nepal for the creation of her amazing character Miss Moti. Kripa worked with us to bring the landmark cases of Lakshmi Dhikta v Nepal and Prakash Mani Sharma to life through comics and also to visualise the personas developed in our FWLD legal design workshop for a wider audience. Kripa also created the fantastic logo for this project website.

This was all made possible by funding from the City Law School.