The target groups we planned to reach for our work on reproductive rights from an access to justice perspective is both legal practitioners in Nepal (lawyers, judges, civil servants, and legal non-governmental organisations) and ordinary Nepali citizens.

We didn’t want legal practitioners to lose sight of the challenges existing for citizens – particularly for women who struggle to both understand and access their reproductive rights. It was to this end that we worked with lawyers from the FWLD to construct personas (or archetypes) of women. These would both assist us in our development of future resources, as well as acting as a helpful prompt for those in government, the judiciary and the lawyers in practice, in order that they remember the challenges faced by women in Nepal.

All personas were created in our legal design workshop with the FWLD, where groups talked through the experiences of a range of different women they had encountered. These were worked on after by Mara, Emily and Sabrina, before Kripa put them into a format that would engage our proposed audience; of particular importance was giving each persona a face.