Project Background

While Nepal features an impressive array of reproductive rights even in the new Constitution, their implementation remains uneven and often ineffective – especially for poor and historically marginalised groups, and in the more remote areas of the country.


By framing reproductive rights as an access to justice issue we aim to contribute to fostering the way in which they are accessed and ultimately implemented in the country. It still remains the case – despite the enactment of the Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health Rights Act 2018 – that the majority of Nepali women are not aware of the array of reproductive rights they are legally entitled to and as such cannot access them.


Initially we focus our attention on communicating the background and outcomes of two important Supreme Court cases to the Nepali women whose lives are changed as a result of them. We do this via the medium of comics. We also publish the outcomes (personas) of a collaborative legal design workshop with the FWLD, in order that we might share the experiences and challenges of the women who attempt accessing their reproductive rights.

Next steps

Researching the effectiveness of our resources, training, and other joint initiatives with our project partners.