A Project About Accessing Reproductive Rights in Nepal

While Nepal features an impressive array of reproductive rights anchored in the constitution, the implementation remains uneven and often ineffective – especially for poor and historically marginalised groups and in the more remote areas of the country. By framing reproductive rights as an access-to-justice issue we aim to foster the way in which they are accessed and ultimately implemented in the country.

This project was initiated by Mara Malagodi, as an offshoot of her project: Constitutionalising Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Nepal: From Text to Practice initially funded by the global Challenges Research Fund.

In 2018 Mara teamed up with academic colleagues Emily Allbon and Sabrina Germain to create a range of resources, designed to help Nepali women to understand how the law of reproductive rights in their country has developed, and how it affects them.

We would draw on the frontline expertise of the FWLD, the Forum for Women, Law and Development, an organisation founded in 1995 to work for the protection, promotion and enjoyment of human rights, to help us in our project. Since Mara’s move to CUHK LAW in Hong Kong in 2019, the project has expanded to include her academic colleagues Rehan Abeyratne and Ngoc Bui Son, and iProbono.